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2022 Prague (+on-line)

PhD S'S 2022

Program (view)

J. Sailer - Angular Adaptivity for Radiative Transfer Equation (FVM)

T. L. da Silva QuaresmaSensitivity Analysis of Input Parameters in Flame Spread Simulation

B. MiechówkaImportance of Wind in Fire Scenarios Based on Coupled Simulations of an Open Car Park

J. ŠejnaFE Thermal Analysis of OSB Cladding Steel Element

A. PalkovičCFD Pool Fire Simulations

J. BielawskiPrediction of Smoke Flow in Tunnel Fire Using Machine Learning

K. BörgerInvestigation of Smoke Characteristics by Photometric Measurements

D. Šejnová PitelkováFireLAB UCEEB CTU in Prague and Fire Separation Distances Research

V. VystrčilMeasurement of Temperature and Heat Fluxes During Fire Tests

V. ŠálekInert Wall Exposed to Fire - Experiment and FDS Model

2021 Berlin (+on-line)

PhD S'S 2021

Program (view)

O. Dupal - Bulk density of wooden materials char determined by photogrammetry

Ch. Riitamaa - Development of a coupled 1D heat-mass transfer solver for porous solid materials for FDS

K. De Lannoye - Cone calorimeter experiments with pmma

W. KowalskiFramework for stochastic FEM analysis of structures in fire

A. Krauze - Analysis of the temperature impact on building elements under fire conditions, using experimental methods and computer models

K. BörgerPhotometric measurement of visibility in case of fire

A. PalkovičCFD fire simulations

T. L. da Silva QuaresmaSensitivity analysis of input parameters in flame spread simulation

T. LiStudy on Smoke and Fire Spread in Tunnel Fires

S. UbaldiThermal abuse on 18650 Li-ion cell: time, temperature and correlated gases emission

I. U. Zulmajdi - Probabilistic fire simulation assessment using simplified model and zone modelling of a fire scenario

2020 Prague (on-line)

PhD S'S 2020

Program (view)

J. SpilleRisk Assessment of Cable Fires Under Consideration of the Origin of the Fire

K. De Lannoye - Experimental Characterization of the Pyrolysis of Electrical Cables and PMMA

A. KrauzeProbabilistic Simulation of Fire Endurance of a Steel Construction

P. LauerAny Progress on Inverse Pyrolysis Modelling with Ensemble Learning Methods

O. DupalThe Application of Photogrammetry in Fire Protection Engineering

V. Šálek - Advanced Pyrolysis Model Approach in FDS

L. WuerzbuegerData Assimilation in Smoke Simulation

M. FehlingAlgorithms for Massively Parallel Generic Hp-adaptive Finite Element Methods

V. VystřčilAccidental Release of CNG from Passenger Vehicle

2019 Braunschweig


Program (view)

V. ŠálekDiverse Complexity of Pyrolysis Model Settings for Room Corner Test in FDS

K. De LannoyeExperimental Characterisation of Pyrolysis Gases During Cable Fires

P. Lauer Progress on Inverse Pyrolysis Modelling with Ensemble Learning Methods

B. HeinCoupling of Smoke and Pedestrian Simulation: Triggering of Crowds by Perception of Smoke

M. WürzburgerReal-time Smoke Simulation with JuROR

A. KrauzeMethodology for Estimating the Risk of Steel Structures Damage

M. FehlingMassively Parallel Hp-adaptive Finite Element Methods

C. NortheInsulation Materials Based on Renewable Resources - Coupled Cone Calorimeter - FTIR Analyses